PDA Analyst certification


Consulting services: PDA Analyst certification

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Become certified PDA Analyst - Online!

This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to properly utilize PDA assessment tools and their multiple applicability in HR processes, as well as to learn how to provide feedback based upon PDA graphs.

Course consist of four phases and combines different learning methods:

  • Fill in PDA questionnaire

  • Read and elaborate on preparatory materials

  • Complete the E-learning course modules

  • Attend PDA certification course via WebEx distance learning platform.

Upon completion, you will become Certified PDA Analyst. You may also become certified for other programs in the offerings of the PDA University.

PDA Analyst certification course may be just a first stem in your learning process, through variety of programs designed to reveal and transfer knowledge and expertise to analysts, clients and partners. All activities undertaken by PDA International, are supported with relevant programs of PDA University.

Course is delivered in five group sessions via WebEx distance learning system. It is facilitated by PDA certified trainer and is conducted in English language.