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Personal Development Analysis

PDA Assessment identifies people’s behavioral profile and their uniqueness, manages their talent, develops their skills and encourages them to reach their exponential talent.

It is an online psychometric evaluation that analyzes and describes people’s behavioral profile.

An easy-to-use tool that identifies motivators, natural behavioral tendencies and even predicts behaviors in work environments, all of this while using an agile, simple, and scientifically proven methodology.

How does PDA behavior 

evaluation work? 

10 min Assessment

In about ten minutes, the PDA Assessment gives clear information about people, which helps you be more certain when hiring and comprehend how to avoid staff rotation. It reduces the turnover in your organization up to a 20%.

Behavior Report

PDA Assessment gives an initial report detailing the strengths and opportunity areas of a person, their communication style, their value in business, their motivations, the strengths that could be turned into weaknesses, how they behave under pressure and how to lead them.

Deep Perception

Once the PDA Assessment is complete, you have instant access to the behavior report of the person. You can also get the extra reports, like the competencies, positions, and team and leadership analysis.

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