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To be, or not to be? And how...

Many years of experience in domestic and foreign companies, commitment to employee development and focus on the development of professional sellers, as well as several hundreds of participants to my training somehow oblige me to share some of my thoughts on the subject of sales.

As nowadays term training, and a trainer become somewhat unpopular, and as something as a workshop by its concept and content, evolved into different “academies”, I decided to write on this subject from the level kindergarten. No matter how much some areas have evolved, I have the impression that it is not bad to recall some of the basic postulates.

In this article I will write about terminology, that you should get used to and accept it, even before you think to join sales, but also about some of the value systems which you should aim by working with your clients.

SALES REP = SALES REP: Whatever your company named your position, such as: consultant for business solutions, salesman, sales consultant, essentially your job is to sell. This is a question of identity and there is no need “hide” behind “titles” of any kind!

CLIENT = CLIENT or CUSTOMER or USER: Why is terminology important? Because some terms and jargon may have the opposite meaning of their essence. When we say the boss, usually mean “the boss” because “we all know” how to become a “Serbian boss”. We really do know, or maybe, sometimes, we have prejudices? Would you like that your potential customer / client meets with you, sales rep, and have prejudice? I believe not! Therefore, if you have selected the boss, or “the boss” for your client, then call him a client!

We believe that things are not just black or just white, but there is always a gray … I strongly believe that the once can become and survive as top sales rep if one keeps to a few rules, which are exclusively ‘black’ (never) and “white” (always). Therefore, a few words about values and some useful tips.

  • NEVER work FOR the client, but only WITH the client. Only thus comes to sales that achieves the goals of both sides, this is a profitable sale.

  • NEVER have a hidden agenda and ALWAYS be transparent and honest. Beware of integrity!

  • ALWAYS be curious what the client’s goals and problems are, ASK and LISTEN!

  • ALWAYS share with the client information about the project that you have already successfully implemented, develop the authority.

  • Real life experiences from the meetings with potential and existing customers, ALWAYS share with your peers, learn from each other.

  • Experiences from the client’s meetings that are not so nice, especially personal impressions about the client that are not positive, NEVER share through social networks. At least not under the label of “sharing experiences”.

I have no Hamlet-like dilemma “to be or not to be”! They are always on my mind three things: identity, integrity (mine and my clients) and authority. The identity, integrity and authority, should never be “gray”! If you are in sales, and just thinking about these things, then you’re at least on the right track to become or remain a top sales rep.

Top Sales Representative
HiNT d.o.o, Dragan Vukosavljević March 24, 2016
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