Students awarded with free training „Sales & Negotiation Skills for Recruiters©“

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During the public competition started on March 15th, students on the final year of psychology, or postgraduate student of HR related studies were able to compete for a free training. 

We expected from them to SELL us an idea that they are the ones who should receive this free course.

Criteria for deciding on the winners:

  • Field of studies - the advantage of psychology and branches that are destined to work in the field of human resources

  • Achieved success at the faculty

  • Gender equality/representation - our idea was to have equal number of female and male winners.

  • Current level of sales skills – evaluation of the essay answering to “Why do you believe you are the right person to receive this training”.

List of awarded students based on success at faculty:

  • Aleksandra Petković - Psychology

  • Sara Raković - Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  • Aleksandra Ristić - Psychology

  • Nina Čortan - Psychology

  • Mia Brailo - Psychology

  • Vladislav Babović - Human Resources Management

  • Stefan Simić - Psychology

  • Željko Miljević - Psychology

  • Stojan Stanković - Psychology

  • Nikola Dinić – Psychology

List of awarded students based on unique selling approach:

  • Milenka Filipović - Organizational Psychology

  • Nikolija Dimitrijević - Psychology

  • Ivana Karać Petović – Psychology

Students from abroad awarded by the discretional right of the HiNT d.o.o management:

  • Nikolina Baričanin - Communication 

  • Bojana Sarafijanović - Psychology

Students awarded with free training „Sales & Negotiation Skills for Recruiters©“
HiNT d.o.o, Dragan Vukosavljević April 1, 2021
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