Free Training Program for Future Recruiters

Sell & Win

The time has come for us to repeat some good practices, encourage young people and help them boost their career from the very beginning.

In our April session of the training "Sales Skills for Recruiters©", five places are reserved for five selected students of the final year of psychology or related studies, who can receive this training as a GIFT!

Of course, they will have to make some effort to win this gift.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to send us your CV and SELL us and idea by answering two simple questions:

  1. Why do you believe you are the person who should receive this free course?

  2. In which way you believe this specific course presents added value for specifically your future career?

Application deadline: We expect to receive your applications until March 15th, 2019, via email

Free Training Program for Future Recruiters
HiNT d.o.o, Dragan Vukosavljević January 31, 2019
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