The key for your future career development are…. RECRUITERS!

Recently, I came across two excellent articles on LinkedIn, one written by Sandra Kyle, CHRL (Listen Up. You Own Your Career, Not Your Boss) and the other one by Didier Elzinga, CEO@Culture Amp (The best HR idea I ever stole).

True inspiration to write about career development in the future came from firstly, a picture above Mrs. Kyle’s article saying “Stable career paths are DISAPPEARING” and secondly from a paragraph in Mr. Elzinga’s article quoting a CEO who welcomes new joiners on day one by saying, “We are really excited to have you here. Now, how can I use my personal network to help you get your next job?”

So, this post is about my insights into NEW REALITY and NEW NORMAL in career development and what will be the role of recruiters.

Here are a few facts about NEW REALITY:

  • Companies are transitioning from hierarchical to flat the organizational models, which consequently led to narrow leadership pipeline and less career development opportunities for the individuals.

  • Part time (project based) employment rates are increasing noticeably, even in a highly developed EU countries. (OECD data)

  • Millennials stepped onto the stage!

And a few about the NEW NORMAL:

  • LinkedIn study shows millennials change 4 jobs by the time they are 32

  • 21% of millennials have changed their jobs within the past year and they prefer selecting a job at new companies, rather than advancing in their current organization (Gallup)

  • Data shows that more than 70% of high-retention-risk employees say they must leave their organization to advance their careers, even those people who possess mission-critical skills and are top performers or have potential to become top performers. (Willis Towers Watson study)

  • Personal growth and development opportunities one of the top priorities for all surveyed groups when (millennials and non-millennials).

  • Career change statistics: Today, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times (with an average of 12 job changes) during his or her career.

This reveals a dramatic shift in the way people perceive career advancement.

So, who is going to help us facilitating our own career paths? I believe recruiters!

Will they be able to?

This is the right question to ask, as we can witness numerous articles and posts about how recruiters are spamming our LinkedIn inbox with vague statements such as “I think that I have just the right opportunity for you, we are offering interesting projects, dynamic workplace, and competitive salary! “. Some commentators implied “hyper-production” in recruitment is obvious, that recruiters haven’t even reviewed their profile before sending a message and messages are always lacking personalized communication. And most of those posts are focusing on what recruiters should STOP doing.

I have been working with numerous recruiters in my professional life, as candidate, as hiring manager, as well as consultant helping them advance in what they do. So, I will not be picking sides, making judgments who is right or wrong, but I am sending out the message to all recruiters, corporate and agency ones, this is what you NEED to START DOING so you could adjust to the NEW REALITY and NEW NORMAL.

Effective sales skills set can tremendously advance your approach to the clients and candidates, make your work more effective and valued.

These are the key sales skill that are now critical, and you will need to develop. And it will ensure you have a meaningful candidate pipeline and success:

  • Prospecting skills will help you differentiate prospects from suspects. Consequently, you will not be sending countless generic messages to all your LinkedIn network, but only to carefully filtered audience.

  • Qualifying skills will ensure you are guiding and interview around key elements of candidates’ drivers for a career shift (career objectives, decision process, budget and options). These skills enable you to make a viable decision about whether or how well candidate fits to the needs of your organization.

  • Recommending skills are critical enhancer of proposal acceptance ratio by influencing candidates’ perception of how well you responded to their personal and career objectives. It helps you develop personalized job offers that address all specific candidates needs in a structured way.

To help recruiters grow, I have designed and successfully implemented a program called “Sales and Negotiations Skills for Recruiters©”. So, if you are not happy with a supporting role, but your decision is to play a leading one in our career development, do not hesitate to get in touch. Happy to help!

The key for your future career development are…. RECRUITERS!
HiNT d.o.o, Dragan Vukosavljević March 16, 2017
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