Change! So, I don’t have to...

Is this the message you want them to grasp?

In these two, to put it mildly, strange years, we have witnessed numerous phenomena. Starting from work from home, through remote leadership, all the way to great resignation.

The last phenomenon that I notice, and it is just the matter of time what it will slap our local market, are the announcements of people from the recruitment and selection area, from all over the world. They are posting appeals advising so-called passive candidates, i.e., those who do not respond to their messages/job ads, what they should do when they receive a message from a recruiter.

Here are a few examples:

“Recruitment is bloody hard, we have to get in touch with thousands of people, so if we made a mistake while reviewing your profile, don’t take it personally but provide feedback so we could get better.”


"If you get a message from a recruiter for a position and there is obvious mismatch with your experience and skills, you know what - mistakes happen. However, pay a little attention to that message, and provide a recruiter with a referral to a person that has the necessary knowledge and skills."

This brings me to a conclusion:

  • The biggest crisis is at the top of the recruitment pipeline, in the sourcing area
  • No one seems to care about the "dynamic work environment", "fast growing team", "challenging projects", etc. anymore.

If you think about it, it is clear that the first one is largely a consequence of the latter.

It seems like recruiters want everybody else to change, but to change themselves. They want to keep their approach intact, and that this old approach still produces great results. Hardly! Especially if they keep the principle where job description = job advertisement.

In order to inspire someone, not only to respond to your message, but also to read it to the very end, it is necessary to carefully craft and clearly convey the VALUE message.

You can do this by practicing the principle of 4 whys, or by answering 4 (candidates) questions.

  1. Why act? A clear, precise, tangible, fully personalized message about what you know is valuable to the candidate in the position/project you want to present to him/her.
  2. Why now? Rationale for contacting the candidate right now and why now is the right time to think about a career change.
  3. Why us? A message of clear differentiation between current situation and the proposal we have and/or employer we represent.
  4. Why trust? Initial trust depends solely on how good you deliver on the first three steps, and be prepared that you have yet to build it, as the process progresses…

These are the tips that you get for free. If you are thinking about implementing a true change that will give results, then find out about our training for recruiters here.

Dragan Vukosavljević
People development consultant

Change! So, I don’t have to...
HiNT d.o.o, Dragan Vukosavljević February 2, 2022
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